Ernie Jones 101st Birthday

Well it’s always an honour to be invited to a Birthday party. We’ve all been to one or two.
What makes this one different, well it was for a gentleman known by the name as Ernie Jones.

Ernie is a remarkable man and an advocate to the human race. Amongst everything else Ernie is a huge fan of us SAFC MUSEUM. But that’s just normal you’d say, as we are unique and fully committed to help and support our fan base.

Did I say, Ernie is at a grand old age of 101!!! Need I say more? Magnificent and if you are a fan, this man needs recognition to say the least. Get in touch if you can help us celebrate with Ernie to make more memories.

Huge thank you to our 1973 FA CUP WINNING Captain, Sir Bobby Kerr for attending too. Also a thank you to Super Kevin Phillips for dedicating the unique art piece commissioned by ourselves.