Fans Museum At Grace House, An Evening With

We’ve arrived at the @StadiumOfLight for ‘An Evening With’ in aid of Grace House North East With @HLAServices and @elioruk. Come and see us if you’re here tonight and try on a #matchworn shirt.

‪What a great night we’re having here at the Stadium of Light with Grace House North East
– thank you to everyone attending and hopefully you’re enjoying your night. ‬
‪An honest Q&A with Mr Donald, Mr Methven and Mr Davison. What a night for the #fans
to meet some of their heroes too. ‬

We even had the one and only Stewart Donald try on the legend that is Ian Porterfield’s
1973 FA Cup jacket. The final lineup consists of 18 ex Sunderland players for
@GraceHouse10’s ‘An Evening With’.

Players include Lee Howey, Gary Bennett, Darren Williams, Dennis Tueart and Bobby Kerr plus many more!

Hope to see you along at the Fans Museum soon