Remembrance Day 2021

Today is armistice day 🥀 and when better to open the exhibition showcasing the unique items which belonged to the family of John Cowie and his son Henry who tragically passed days apart from each other during the Great War. What makes this even more of a story is that these invaluable items were left in a skip but were thankfully recovered in time during waste clearance.

When we received the word if we could hold such wonderful artifacts, that aren’t just part of history but our city’s history too, how could we say no 🙌❤️ From medals to a letter from Winston Churchill, the new exhibit holds a special place in both the museum but also the city.

The two minutes silence was held right by the display and it’s so important that the meaning is never lost. Les we forget the sacrifices made during both the first, second and all wars past and present 🥀

Furthermore, the Mayor and Mayoress visited the new exhibition who met with the Cowie family descendants and Ann Ganley who works at the Wearside waste plant that recovered the historic items.

We would like to thank Sunderland city council and both the Mayor and Mayoress for their time and this fantastic opportunity 🙌These unique items will be on display until the end of the year so please visit the museum to have a look at the Cowie Family’s brilliant story 🥀

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