Fans Museum Visits St Aiden’s Academy

Well, what a great day we had with the students from St Aiden’s Academy. Some fantastic work was produced and some fantastic images to follow what the boys had done. Speaking to Mr Morris, Head of History, who then added the following, which sums up the passion teachers have in educating our children:

“As a school we are always striving to push our students to be the best they possibly can be. One way in which we do this is through a tri-annually stretch projects. The current one has been established through the History department and is based on the idea of change over time. That might be local, national or international in nature. To showcase the work the students have done we are establishing a temporary ‘Great Exhibition’ based on the one by Prince Albert back in 1851. This is work that is above and beyond the usual work expected of students so is more personal and independent in nature.”

“The students have all chosen a topic which transcends time. That might be transport, sport or warfare. many students have chosen to focus on the history and development of Sunderland AFC as well as shipbuilding on the River Wear. They had carte blanche to present their work how they saw fit and we have had various outcomes from projects on paper through to interviews and great artifacts.
This exhibition and the liaison with the Fan’s Museum, has given the students a huge boost and they are very keen to open up their hard work to scrutiny from their parents, peers and the general public.
Wonder which school could be next” ⚽️🎉