RIP Fred Taylor

A day to reflect the passing of a dear friend of our football family, RIP Fred Taylor, and many paid respects. ⚽️❤️

It was a great day, so many new faces and lots more families visiting us, and thank you for the support. The more we are supported the more we can do and add to the experience at the Museum.Thank you to Debrah Perry a local artist that donated a print of a recent piece she has been working on. All because we helped her with some items to use as reference. Furthermore, you will be seeing her work at the Museum along with other local artists very soon.

Thank you to Jon Turnbull and his son Rhys for donating some badges for our Flag of Fans.🙌🏻⚽️👍🏻  Again, thank you to all who attended, see you all during the holidays and hopefully next Saturday for our first home match of the season.