SAFC Museum Visits 100 Year Old Supporter With Sunderland Legends

What can I say, it was an honour and I’m privileged to have met and been able to create memories for and with a lovely gentleman by the name of Ernie Jones today.

Not only can he boast to be 100 years young, well his actual birthday is tomorrow, his memory and passion is somewhat remarkable. Having spent just a small time chatting and doing an informal interview, and running over my allocated time by God knows how much (sorry Gentoo and Elaine Murray), I’m beaming with pride to have been able to be part of his celebrations.

Well done everyone concerned and who worked effortlessly to make this a special day for Ernie.
Tomorrow Ernie gets his telegraph from HRH. I’m honoured again to be invited by his family for tea & cake, but also to capture an image I will hold very close to my heart.

But please take a look at these images, share these and be proud to know we have a man in Sunderland 100 years old and can still ride an exercise bike. He wore out the last one!

Also I’m excited about more events that I’m in talks with, Fans Museum is now a CIC, so if we can help you help us, please get in touch.

Ps thank you Craig, from Aztec in Hendon for the printing of the name on the shirt. Big thank you to Micky Horswill, Ritchie Pitt & Bobby Kerr for attending and for the continuous support.

Enjoy the images, be sure to check again tomorrow, for more.

Best Wishes

Michael and The Team