Fans Museum visits St Anthony’s Academy

Happy Friday everyone

Well today brings to the forefront the lovely words that are, International Women’s Day and where better to be than with a local school, St Anthony’s Academy.

I’ve set a challenge, #challenge100 where I want to get 100 young ladies wearing part of my collection of match worn shirts, we want to create something unique as always, and this will be the first time in the #World that a collection like this has been brought out and used in this way, but then again is that not just standard of the #FansMuseum 😊

Thank you to Ms Forrest, and the other teachers for being so amenable and taking part, it’s excellent you have this bond with the pupils.  Engaging like no other, and fully Inclusive to all. #education #wellbeing #health we cover it all.

Best of luck to Sunderland well done for reaching the final of the Checkatrade Trophy 🏆