The Fans Museum Open Day

Well what a day, what as been created by the passion of selflessness of our team is beyond belief.

Thank you to the team today and for all the hard work that’s gone on behind the scenes. Thank you to Ann, Jo and John from Gentoo Group for being part of our vision, we truly do appreciate everything and it’s all about building friendships, and thank you to Linda Reiling from Sunderland CCG for giving us an opportunity, we can’t thank you enough.  Always lovely to see the Mayor & Mayoress, who are truly lovely people, and who appreciate everything we are providing in the community.

Today was a little taster, if you missed it, that’s fine, we are happy to announce another open day, so keep watching and all we can say is the camera doesn’t lie. Thank you to all who attended, we can’t wait for you to experience the next day.