Visiting Bishop Auckland

A lovely building in a lovely part of the North East, which is held highly in the Football fraternity throughout the world. That’s right. The World.

Bishop Auckland is known internationally and rightly so. The History of our Northern League dates back more than 125 years and is held with such high esteem.
Yesterday we were invited by Durham County Council, to Bishop Auckland Town Hall to discuss a display for up to 1 month, so we want to share this with you.
We have a huge hub of football within the North East, it is our Community, it is our Culture and it certainly is our Art.

But we offer so much more with Education, and those vital Memories to support our elderly with Alzheimer’s & Dementia.1958 was a catastrophic time in football, but for Bishop Auckland it was a time to support arguably one of the best teams in the World that never was, Manchester United, and that devastating memory from the Munich air disaster.

What The Bishops did was an act that needs to be remembered, if you know then comment, if you don’t, well comment anyway, we are proud to do what we do, and this proves we are here to support all the fans.

Watch this space for some exciting news.
Also, we’ve included some lovely images of West Auckland, and rightly so.
The club that changed the World, and how proud we all are it’s on our doorstep.