Sunderland People First visit the Fans Museum

Proud moment for us all at the Fans Museum, being given the trust from a wonderful team at Sunderland CCG NHS, to work with two established organisations who support remits of adults with Learning Disabilities, and Autism.

Our session this week was with SUNDERLAND People First, a group full of passion and the willingness to explore new ventures, and we are truly blown away with how they all felt at home and wanted to be part of our creating memories session.

We can all glam any statement, but one thing you can’t disguise, is the genuine smiles on these photographs as you will see. Our home is yours, and we want to be part of all organisations in our area, we know we can accommodate and leave lasting memories as a venue to those who need it most.

We grow Organically, and we carry our statement everywhere: a passion with a purpose.