Supporting In Times Of Need

A few weeks ago I was contacted to see if I could support someone I’d never met before, by someone I only met once, maybe 3 years ago.The answer was 100%.

When I heard the news of Dave it made me more focused to realize just how many we can help, all across the country, never mind the North East. Dave has that hideous disease that we all detest with a passion. After a few conversations, his colleagues wanted to do something to help reduce stress and anxiety in Dave and once they asked us we knew we had to.

We love what we do with a passion and are so honored to be able to support Dave, his family and work colleagues. Additionally, we know where he lives and will be getting him back in again to help him and all concerned.

Health and well-being are what we do best. This is because we are attentive and considerate, with a passion with a purpose. Don’t let the words Football Museum disfigure the imagination. After all, we all need tools to do a job, ours just happen to be a huge collection of memorabilia.
From a Fan to the Fans ⚽️❤️